Q1. What are the different online payment modes available?

ANS: Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking.

Q2. I have paid the Application fee but the Application Payment Status is not updated yet?


  • The Application Payment Status will be updated shortly.
  • OR
  • Your online transaction might have failed and the amount will be refunded to your bank account shortly. Please confirm the refund to your bank account as per the concerned bank's refund policy.

Q3. My initial online application fee payment got failed? How can I make the payment now?


If initial online transaction failed then Application fee can be paid through online by clicking the link provided under Payment Status against the Application No. in Step-2 of your account (OR) through Demand Draft drawn in favour of "The Registrar, IIT Madras" and send it by post to the following address with your Name & Application No. written on the backside of the Demand Draft:
The Deputy Registrar (Research),
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
IV Floor, Administration Building,
IIT Madras Campus,
Chennai - 600 036.

Q4. I am an Indian citizen residing outside India. How can I make Application Fee Payment?

ANS: Indian citizens who are residing outside India may use the Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking option to make the Application Fee Payment.

Only Foreign Nationals including PIO & OCI card holders are exempted from paying the Application Fee.

Q5. What are the documents/files required to upload in the Application form?

ANS: The applicant(s) has to scan & upload the following valid documents/files (as applicable) pertaining to them while applying:

  1. Photo
  2. Signature
  3. UG University Rank certificate
  4. PG University Rank certificate
  5. Person with Disabilities (PwD) certificate
  6. Valid Category certificate (OBC-NCL/SC/ST/EWS)
  7. OCI/PIO/Foreign National Passport
  8. Valid National/International Level Exam score card/award letter/certificate
  9. UG-Consolidated Marks Statement/Grade Card/Transcript
  10. PG-Consolidated Marks Statement/Grade Card/Transcript
  11. Experience Certificate
  12. NHTRA declaration
  13. Research Proposal [only for Management Studies department]

Q6. How long is a GATE Score valid?

ANS: Only for 3 years.

Q7. It is keeping on showing; your GATE detail is incorrect?

ANS: GATE Score is valid only for 3 years. Please check the validity of your score. While entering GATE details, enter Registration No. with subject code (eg: ME18S12345678). You have to enter the GATE "Score" (out of 1000) under the respective field provided in "Basic Profile" of the Application form.

Q8. I want to apply to more than 4 departments now, how to do?

ANS: You can submit separate application for each department of your choice by paying separate application fee.

Q9. I have additional Qualification, where to enter?

ANS: You can enter any relevant additional details under the “Additional Information” field provided in “Basic Profile” of the Application form.

Q10. I am not able to access Step-2 "Apply to Department" page?

ANS: You need to fill up the mandatory fields provided under "Basic Profile" section and click the "Submit Profile" button after checking the check box to move to "Apply to Department" page.

Q11. I have made some minor mistakes in my Application, is it necessary to correct the error?

ANS: You have to submit the valid proof in original along with one set of photocopy and rectify the error at the time of Interview.

If you have done any major mistakes which may affect your application shortlisting then register a fresh application.

Q12. I am a University Rank holder but my university haven't issued any Rank certificate to me. What is the solution?

ANS: If you claim that you are a University Rank holder then you have to upload some valid proof to support your claim at the time of applying and produce the authorized University Rank certificate at the time of interview.

Q13. My Discipline is not listed, what can I do?

ANS: Select your “Degree” from the drop down provided. Then select the option "All other disciplines…" under the drop down "Discipline" and enter your Discipline name in the additional text box provided.

Q14. I am using Chrome/Firefox/IE/Opera browser. I am unable to apply to any departments?

ANS: Perhaps you might have not submitted your profile. Please check the Check box provided and click the "Submit Profile" button. The application has been tested on multiple browsers and operating systems.

Q15. When/how to know, whether my application is submitted successfully?

ANS: After final submission of your Application and successful payment of Application fee.

Q16. Site is slow?

ANS: Please be patient. We cater to over 5000 users, many of whom will be concurrent users of the database.

Q17. How can I apply for various Research programmes in the same department?

ANS: If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria to apply for various research programme(s) in a particular department, then you can register application individually for each research programme in the same department and pay the application fee separately.

Q18. I am facing a problem when I applied through On-line; I am not able to upload my supporting documents as my qualification certificate of UGC-NET test has not reached yet. I have valid GATE score card but my selection procedure has to be done according to my UGC-NET Rank. What shall I do now?

ANS: If you are applying with UGC-NET qualification then you have to upload some valid proof to support your claim at the time of applying and produce the authorized UGC-NET certificate at the time of interview.

Q19. I wrongly entered the Date of Birth instead of the correct DOB, What can I do?

ANS: At the time of Admission, submit your valid Birth Certificate/SSLC/SSC/Matriculation certificate in original along with one set of photocopy of the same for correction.

Q20. I want to know, if I am applying for more than one department then how much amount should I pay?

ANS: You can submit separate application to each department(s) of your choice by paying separate application fee.

Q21. What is the percentage of mark equivalent to 8.0 CGPA?

ANS: 75% will be considered as equivalent to 8.0 CGPA.

Q22. What is the minimum residential requirement for External / Part-time Category?

ANS: For External / Part-time Category, one semester residential requirement is compulsory to do course work. However, person residing within the commutable distance from IIT Madras will be permitted to do course work without the residential requirement with the permission of their institution subject to fulfilling the course requirement.

Q23. What are the eligibility criteria’s for applying to Direct Ph.D.?


  1. B.Tech./B.S (4 year) degree holder of Centrally Funded Technical Institute with a minimum CGPA of 8.0 on a 10.0 point scale or 75% without valid GATE Score.
  2. B.Tech./B.S (4 year) degree holder of Centrally Funded Technical Institute with CGPA less than 8.0 on a 10.0 point scale or <75% with valid GATE Score.
  3. B.Tech./B.E/B.S (4 year) degree holder from any other University with minimum CGPA of 8.0 on a 10.0 point scale or 75% and having a valid GATE score.
  4. Candidates possessing MBBS/BDS degree with minimum first class and valid NEET PG qualifying score can apply under HTRA category in Engineering Design department. If the candidate meets the above degree requirement but doesn't possess valid NEET PG qualifying score then they can apply under NHTRA category to the same department.
  5. Candidates possessing M.Sc (Maths) or M.Sc (Computer Science) from CFTI or a highly recognized institute such as Indian Statistical Institute and Chennai Mathematical Institute with the minimum CGPA of 8.0 on 10.0 scale and valid GATE (Maths) or GATE (CS) score can apply under HTRA category in Computer Science & Engineering department.

Q24. I have completed my B.Tech. in Mechatronics, can I apply for M.S. in a different department which is not directly related to my educational background?

ANS: Candidates having main subject in one department can apply for another department. However, please check area for research in the admission brochure before applying.

Q25. I have completed my M.S. in US, whether it is equivalent to M.Tech., am I eligible for Ph.D.?

ANS: For M.S. from US/UK, if it is 2 years programme then it is equivalent to M.Tech. Whereas courses having duration of below 2 years will not be considered as PG Degree equivalent for Ph.D. admission.

Q26. How many applications can I register to a particular department in a month?

ANS: You can register maximum upto 3 applications to a particular department in a month.

Q27. I am having MBA with 13 years work experience and currently heading an IT start up as a Co-founder & CEO, can I apply for research programme. If so, which option should I select under financial support?

ANS: You can apply for Research programme under External / Part-time category subject to fulfilling other eligibility criteria as mentioned in the admission brochure.

Q28. I am working at Mumbai currently, can I apply for research programme under Part-time category?

ANS: Research programme admission under Part-time category is meant only for candidates working within commutable distance from IIT Madras.

Q29. The profile related to my basic information got created and I have also filled and submitted the next step "Apply to Department" but the Application Payment Status is shown as “Payment Not Completed”. What should I do?

ANS: Click on the link "Payment Not Completed" and make the application fee payment to complete your application process.

Q30. How can I upload my GATE Score Card?

ANS: Scan your GATE Score card and upload it under the "Supporting Documents" field provided in the “Basic Profile” page.

Q31. What Registration Number I have to enter in GATE Reg. No. field?

ANS: Enter your GATE Registration number (eg: ME18S12345678)

Q32. How to download the final application after completion of application fee payment?

ANS: You may login to our research admission portal and go to "Apply to Department" menu. On that page, there will be a link called "Download Application". Click on this link to get the final application with the payment details.

Q33. How to get Modified Application after repayment of the application fee?

ANS: You can login to our research admission portal and go to "Apply to Department" menu. On that page, there will be a link called "Download Application". Click on this link to get the modified application and the new payment details will be displayed in the modified application.

Q34. Whether the application can be edited after final submission?

ANS: You can't edit the application after final submission. You have to register a new application and pay the application fee again.

Q35. I am not getting any option to select under the field “Research Programme” in Step-2 “Apply to Department” page?

ANS: You may re-check whether you are meeting the eligibility requirements for applying to the concerned research programme and department you wish to apply [refer admission brochure] and also verify whether you have correctly filled all the required fields in Step-1 & Step-2 of the Application Form.

Q36. I have qualified for UGC-JRF before 10 years and now I am applying for Ph.D. programme with UGC-JRF qualification. But I am not getting the option for selecting the UGC-JRF qualified year under Basic Profile page. Why?

ANS: You are eligible to apply for Ph.D. programme under UGC-JRF category, only if the UGC-JRF validity is tenable for the current period of admission.

Q37. Any other issue(s) other than mentioned in FAQ?

ANS: Raise a complaint through your registered account in the IIT Madras Research Admission Portal.